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Cash Flow Management

In order to know where you’re going, you have to know where you are. Salt Financial will review your personal income and expenses, business financial statements, and anticipated adjustments in your financial picture to create a realistic plan for cash flow management. As you move through personal and professional transitions, our advisors will keep you in the flow by revisiting your plan and making recommendations that are suitable to your goals and objectives.

Investment Planning

Salt Financial is experienced in a variety of investment vehicles, and we want to help increase your knowledge and comfort level. By evaluating your existing investments for risk, return, and tax characteristics relative to your life stage and goals, we will help you create an investment policy statement that outlines your objectives and risk profile.

Risk Management

Many Americans are under-insured against personal or business disaster. Salt Financial helps to add another level of asset preservation through a wide array of insurance products. Whether or not you need term life, disability income, or health insurance, our advisors will analyze your current coverage and beneficiary designations. Our suggestions can help you determine if you have the right coverage at the right levels to support the people and achievements you value most.

Tax Strategies

Your tax status changes over time. By looking ahead, Salt Financial will help you asses you current tax situation and suggest strategy for reducing or deferring taxes on important personal and business transactions. We will work with your tax and legal advisors to help you select the most appropriate product solution to suit your specific needs and circumstances. Our advisors also have experience in college planning, with products and strategies to optimize non-need based aid and tax relief when the kids — or you — head off to school.

Wealth Management

Affluent individuals and business owners often need sophisticated advice and strategic guidance to capitalize on opportunities to preserve, grow and transfer their wealth. In addition, a desire often exists within them to simplify the management of multi-generational needs and lessen the emotional impact of wealth on family members. Salt Financial can suggest comprehensive, integrated wealth management strategies to address your wealth management/business planning needs.

What We Help


What We Help


Retirement Planning

Your ideal retirement picture looks very different from your neighbor’s. Salt Financial will advise you on appropriate retirement vehicles to help support your expected date of retirement. From stocks and bonds to REITs and other investments, we’ll analyze allocation and distribution options to help reduce or defer your tax burden and maintain your anticipated standard of living.

Succession Planning

After all the time and effort you have given to a business, it’s important to think about how it will carry on in your absence. Whether you are courting a family member, developing new leadership from within or seeking a buyer, Salt Financial will help you plan ahead with services such as buy/sell agreement funding reviews, gap analysis and benefit design. We also offer products to protect your business in the event of a natural disaster, accidents or unexpected illness.

Estate Planning

We advise our clients to go beyond talking about their wishes or taping names to their prized possessions and hoping for the best. Estate planning with Salt Financial and your tax and legal advisors, helps ensure that the right people receive your assets, but it also takes in a broader view of charitable giving and tax strategy to provide the highest benefit from your investments. We’ll also help keep an eye on your plan to make sure it still aligns with your life and business circumstances by conducting annual reviews.

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