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Farming is 50% science, 50% loving care and 100% way of life…

As a farmer and business owner, we’re sure that you’d like to work with someone who knows and understands your business. Our families are farmers just like you and because of our background, our passion is specializing in working within the agricultural industry with addressing farmers needs through financial planning. More specifically in the areas of: Business Transition/Succession Planning, Investments, Business owner & employee benefits, and Retirement Income Planning.

Some examples of concerns that you may or may not have addressed include:

  • What will happen to my farm if something happens to me?
  • What is the best way to pass the farm equitably to the next generation?
  • What can I do to protect my estate from excessive taxes
  • How can I make the transition easier to keep harmony in our family
  • What sources of income should I use during retirement?

We are able to use our experience to better serve your needs as a farmer and business owner. It is our personal goal to help farmers craft a custom financial strategy that helps protect their important assets.

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Whether it’s early retirement, buying a dream home, traveling the world or helping others – or even all four and more – our team can help you understand your options in all the detail you need to make informed decisions and ensure your money is working for you.

If you are an executive or professional and your earnings are significant, having a focused and dynamic plan can save you a surprising amount of money and build wealth more effectively.

Salt Financial can help you understand your current assets, income and policies and build a clear strategy for how you can enjoy your money throughout your life. We work with clients on Comprehensive Financial Planning; a journey that starts with understanding your life goals and timeline. We then go on to build a portfolio of assets, pensions and investments that strive to deliver on your goals over your lifetime. This Comprehensive Financial Plan is often a defining point in people’s lives; it gives you clear visibility of income throughout the rest of your life and can be adjusted to show different scenarios.